You already know that having a strong social media presence can help with building your business, but maybe you don’t know exactly how to use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business effectively and in a way that integrates seamlessly with the rest of your marketing.

Successful social media marketing merges effective SEO with reader engagement, creating an integrated approach that drives traffic and exposure for your brand.

We achieve those results with holistic social media marketing. This includes content, graphics and paid marketing that keeps SEO, proactive recommendations and reporting needs in mind. From contests and promotions to proven content across all verticals, our one-on-one expert counseling approach delivers data-driven social campaigns that work.

We offer effective and creative social media services for a variety of industries and business types.

Our experts know that a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t cut it when it comes to social profiles and interactions. That’s why we’ve developed highly specialised processes that involve specific planning, ongoing maintenance, and regular bench marking. England Media works to ensure your social endeavors meet your goals and support your businesses reputation.

Social media success comes down to a single, fundamental foundation. It’s all about strategy.

Our social media services provide a solid foundation built on data, best practices, and strategic processes. Once implemented, you’ll enjoy the spoils of successful campaigns.

Profile Creation and Optimization

We create and optimize social media profiles for brands that we manage!

Whether you’re new to social platforms or want to tear things down and rebuild, we’ll create optimal profiles designed for organic engagement with your target audience. We will:

  • Optimize your social profiles with current SEO practices.
  • Link channels together to support traffic flow.
  • Evaluate every component — from images to text — to draw the right people to your pages.

Campaign Strategy

The most beautiful social profiles on the web won’t do much if they aren’t fed consistently by the right campaigns. We work with you to create a roadmap for social media success — your campaign strategy.

Successful strategies that drive traffic to your profiles and then to your pages, which we’ve built to convert visitors into customers.

We employ a full range of tools for strategy development. Our recommendations are backed by experience and individual data about your brand, followers, visitors, and customers.

Content Creation

A strategic plan is only the beginning. It’s our blueprint for success. We want your visitors to take action and we use compelling, skillfully crafted content to achieve that goal.

We design graphics and create content that is customized for social media and your brand.

SEO guidelines and marketing strategies are constantly changing, but one adage remains true: content is king.

Our expert team knows exactly what content is right for your needs. Great content drives engagement. It ensures that readers will share your posts, pages, and services with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Whether you need assistance with editorial calendars or want someone to wield the power of words on your behalf, Lead to Conversion has you covered.

Targeted Facebook Ads

Social media success relies on a partnership between organic interaction and purposeful content.

We’ve seen it all. We’ll help you navigate through the murky social media waters, so you’ll know when and where to put your marketing money to work — and how to ensure the biggest ROI once you do.

Contests and Promotions

Woman excited about winning a social media contest from one of her favorite brands!We help to develop promotions that work for your brand, excite your target audience and fall safely within the bounds of any social media rules and regulations.

Building a Following

Before you can reap the rewards of primo promotions or potentially viral videos, it helps to have a following. While you can buy followers on some social platforms, they are typically low-quality. Some aren’t even accounts held by real people.

Shortcuts don’t exist when it comes to building a base audience for your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram campaigns. It’s hard work. We know how to build a following and we’ll put in the hard work for you.

Reputation Management

We help brands manage their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media marketing platforms.A large following doesn’t mean smooth social media sailing ahead. The slightest misstep in your social marketing journey can mean a tumble down a slippery slope, and a fickle internet audience isn’t always ready to give you a hand up.

Our experts help to plan and monitor social strategies to avoid reputation management risks, and we can help you recover quickly if an issue has already occurred.

Driving Website Traffic

Without a holistic game plan, putting resources into boosting social media pages can be a mistake.

Gathering a million Facebook followers won’t do much for your bottom line if they aren’t being driven to your site, product or services. Our strategies will help funnel those followers to pages specifically created to convert followers into revenue.

The experts at England Media know how to convert various followers into site visitors without marring engagement or turning your social profiles into a “me-me-me” internet infomercial. Subtlety is an art form, and we’ve got a lot of paint.


We provide analytics to show you how your social media marketing is performing month over month!

Analytics and reporting are the sticks by which we measure the success of our strategies. We break down the most important metrics for you, so you’ll understand exactly what’s happening on your social profiles.

We also make ongoing, data-backed recommendations to continuously improve the performance of your social media marketing.

About Lead to Conversion

We are dedicated to helping you achieve success with online marketing and branding campaigns. From social to SEO, we know how to deliver services that boost engagement and drive traffic, resulting in new revenue streams for our clients. England Media work with business of all sizes and types.